Super Mario 64: The Cake Challenge Speedruns

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Super Mario 64: The Cake Challenge Speedruns Empty Super Mario 64: The Cake Challenge Speedruns

Post  SuperMario32game on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:04 pm

NOTE: The stars ONLY apply to the stars been speedrun'd
- You can use any version.
- You must use the timer code  What a Face

Course 1
High Jumping in the Tunnel
11"40 by SMRD

The Lonely Star
13"10 by SuperMario32game

Course 2
Poles and Island Hopping
33"00 by SuperMario32game

Off the Cliff View
8"53 by SuperMario32game

The Towers Secret Spot
21"93 by SuperMario32game

Course 3
Undersea Race to Shore
17"06 by SuperMario32game

Up the Invisible Blocks
3"1 by Tomatobird8

Course 4
Where a Snowman Was
20"43 by SuperMario32game

Wallkicks Won't Work but Flying will
24"83 by SMRD

Course 6
To the Metal Cap door
24"53 by SMRD

The Right Escape
11"36 by SuperMario32game

Right under his I
16"53 by Tomatobird8
16"00 by Tomatobird8
15"23 by Tayyip

Flaming Doom
5"00 by Tomatobird8
4"96 by Tomatobird8

Course 7
Fire to the Bully
27"40 by SMRD

Course 10
Rocky Star
15"10 by SuperMario32game

Hicking up the Snow
6"5x by Tomatobird8

Under The Icerink
9"93 by Tomatobird8

Course 11
Leveling Water For Traped Box
12"76 by Tomatobird8

Boxing on Top
13"13 by SMRD

Course 12
Mountainside Slide
11"9x by Tomatobird8

Bottom Hole
19"43 by SMRD

Course 13
Don't Play with Five Spewers
29"83 by SMRD

Course 15
Breath Taking View close to Death
13"33 by SuperMario32game

A Flaming and Zapping Island
12"10 by SuperMario32game

Secret Stars

Melting Sea Star 1
9"73 by Tomatobird8

Bowser's Sky Star 1
15"86 by SMRD
Little Goomba
Little Goomba

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Super Mario 64: The Cake Challenge Speedruns Empty Re: Super Mario 64: The Cake Challenge Speedruns

Post  Tomatobird8 on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:30 pm

Updating this with my new runs.

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